Circulation Pump Repair of a LG Washer

Circulation Pump Repair in a LG DirectDrive Washing Machine

The circulation pump in a washing machine is responsible for circulating the water and soap in your laundry in order to help wash your clothes better. This LG washing machine had a bad circulation pump. Circulation pump repair is one of the many washer repair services we provide. We repaired this washer by dismantling most of the washing machine first just to be able to get to the circulation pump. We then replaced the circulation pump with a brand new pump.

Circulation Pump Repair in LG Washer

Our appliance repair technicians are skilled in every aspect of the trade. We repair top of the line appliances such as this LG washing machine with Direct Drive and TrueSteam cleaning technology. A circulation pump repair is just one of the many services we perform on LG Washers.

Simple Circulation Pump Repair

The most difficult part of the job is dismantling the majority of the washing machine to be able to get to the circulation pump. But once you get to that point of the job it’s a simple replacement of the pump to get this LG washer working correctly again.

We also repair appliances by Samsung, Kenmore, and many other high-end appliance manufacturers. Any issues with any washing machine we can repair.

Does your washer not drain all the way? Or does not finish its spin cycle? You could have a bad drain pump or circulation pump. There are also many other sensors and control boards in modern washing machines that can cause issues to its operation. We can diagnose and repair all problems with all modern and older appliances.

LG Washer Appliance Repair

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to find out more information about your specific appliance repair needs. We provide affordable appliance repair and circulation pump repair services in Santee, San Diego, El Cajon, La Mesa, Spring Valley, and many other areas around town. You can reach us at 619-327-9501. Thank you.