GE Range Control Panel Repair

We repair all types of GE appliances including Ovens, Ranges, Refrigerators, and more. The following pictures are from a recent GE range control panel repair in San Diego. The buttons and display of the control panel did not work correctly. The whole control panel component needed to be replaced. Once the front panel of the range is removed and we now have access to remove the next set of panels that secure the control panel. Once the panel is unscrewed we are able to unplug the many connectors that plug in to the back of the controller’s circuit board.

Front panel removed from GE Range control panel repair.

Front panel removed from GE Range.

Removing the front panel of the range to get access to the LCD module.

The front panel removed to access the display panel module behind the control panel face.

After fully disconnecting all of the wire connections, we are able to remove the two different parts that allow you to control the oven’s functions. The white panel pictured below is a pressure sensitive touch panel. The black component houses the LCD display and the PCB circuit board that controls the oven’s functions.

Showing the removed LCD Control Panel Module removed from GE Range

Showing the removed LCD Display / Range Control Panel Module removed from GE Range.

As long as parts are available, we’re able to repair any oven range by GE. SDACC is an appliance repair company in San Diego. Sorry, but we do not sell appliance parts individually. If you would like to attempt to repair your own appliance (we suggest being safe and leaving it to the professionals), please remember to fully disconnect the appliance from the electrical outlet before you begin any work. You can find most parts online by searching Google for your appliance’s model number and the part in question.

GE Range Control Panel Repair by SDACC

Call us for all your GE range control panel repair needs and general appliance repair needs in San Diego. Set an appointment online or for immediate attention give us a call at 619-327-9501. Our service call fee is only $49 and is free when you have your appliance repaired with us. We repair everything from high-end built-in refrigerators by Sub-Zero to your average run-of-the-mill washer and dryer.

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