Kenmore Washing Machine Repair

This Kenmore Washing Machine Repair in Santee called for a replacement transmission. The washer wasn’t spinning at its full speed during the spin cycle. All of the clothes would still be wet when the washer was finished washing.

To repair this Kenmore washing machine and get to the washer’s transmission, requires us to nearly fully disassemble the washing machine.

Starting the disassembly starts at the top of the washer and continues until we have access to the parts in the very bottom of the washing machine. We’ll have to remove the washer’s drum from the machine and set it aside so that we can replace the parts that are attached to it.

Kenmore Washing Machine Repair in Santee

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Kenmore Washing Machine Repair Broken Transmission

Disassembling Washer To Replace Transmission

Kenmore Washer Mostly Disassembled

View Inside Washer Drum

View of Inside Washer After Drum Removed

View of Washer Drum Once Removed

The Broken Washing Machine Transmission

Kenmore Washing Machine Repair of Transmission

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