Magic Chef Oven Thermostat Repair

Your Magic Chef Oven Thermostat controls the temperature of your oven. When you set the knob on your oven for let’s say 350 degrees, the thermostat is the component that’s responsible for raising the temperature in your oven to the temperature you select. A Magic Chef Oven Thermostat is similar to other oven thermostats in that they regulate the desired oven temperature.

We repaired this Magic Chef Oven by first removing the front panel. Then once we have access to the oven’s thermostat and temperature probe, we can remove them, and replace them. The whole process usually takes less than an hour.

Most oven thermostats are not very precise at all. You will get a variance of about 30 degrees, plus or minus, between the actual temperature in your oven and the temperature you set on the oven’s control knob. Some higher-end ovens may have a digital control that allows you to “calibrate the oven’s thermostat“.

Magic Chef Oven Thermostat Repair is one of our many speciality appliance repair services. Our service fee for diagnosing your equipment is just $49. If you have your appliance fixed by us, we’ll wave the $49 fee and you’ll own pay for parts and labor of your appliance repair.

We provide affordable oven repair service in all areas of San Diego. Whether it’s a Magic Chef, a Maytag, or a Samsung Oven, we provide the same great low-cost guaranteed appliance repair service.

New Thermostat on a Magic Chef Oven

Here’s the Magic Chef Oven with a bad thermostat. It couldn’t get itself to the correct temperature. A new thermostat had to be installed to get it working good again.

Magic Chef Oven Thermostat Repair

An older but still very useful built-in Magic Chef Oven. Let’s take it apart!

The old thermostat from the Magic Chef Oven.

The bad Magic Chef Oven Thermostat and it’s temperature probe that needed to be replaced on this Magic Chef Oven. A replacement part has been ordered and will be installed one it comes in. We stock the most commonly replaced parts for all types of appliances. Most speciality parts like this must be ordered. We’ll set another appointment once the part comes in and install the new part in your appliance and complete the repair.

Another view inside the oven.

Oven door is removed for full access to the inside of the oven. Once we have access we can get to the temperature probe and the thermostat control to replace them.

Inside of the oven.

We now look deeper inside the oven for a view of the temperature probe. This probe must be removed as well as the thermostat control to repair this Magic Chef oven.

Control knob on oven.

This is an older oven so the controls are very basic. This control knob controls the temperature of the oven. Is by using this control knob that the thermostat is activated.

Front panel removed to get access to the thermostat.

The front panel is taken off of the oven and is removed for access to the back of the control panel and thermostat control. Both the thermostat and the temperature probe must be repaired/replaced.

Access to the thermostat inside of the Magic Chef Oven.

The back of the temperature control knob which is connected to the rest of the oven and the thermostat temperature probe which activates the oven’s heating element. All of these oven parts are easily replaced in order to repair your oven.

Affordable Magic Chef Oven Thermostat Repair

If you have questions about your Magic Chef Oven, we can help. We have repaired thousands of appliances by all makes & manufacturers. We have the best rates in town and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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