Oven Door Latch Repair

Oven control panel removed to get access to door latch.

This oven was our number one choice this week for Oven Door Latch Repair. The door latch did not work anymore and it was dangerous to have children around with the oven running.

The oven door latch on this model of oven is actually motorized. The motor operates the door latch when you place the oven into auto-clean mode.

Some ovens also use this type of motorized door latch to lock the oven door so that children can’t open the oven door. Safety is always first when it comes to ovens.

If your oven door latch is not closing and latching your oven door properly, you could be endangering yourself and others around you. You just might need our Oven Door Latch Repair Service!

To repair this oven’s door latch we have to fully remove the oven’s front control panel. We then have access to the oven’s broken door latch.

Oven Door Latch Repaired

This is the old door latch after being removed from the oven. The oven was repaired with a new motorized door latch from the manufacturer.

This is the old door latch after being removed from the oven. The oven was replaced and repaired with a new motorized door latch.

Once we removed the broken oven door latch, we installed the new part and put the oven back together.

If you would like to try and do your own Over Door Latch Repair, here’s a few do-it-yourself tips on How to Repair Oven Door Latches. If you need a professional to repair your oven door latch, give us a call at (619) 327-9501.

Expert Oven Door Latch Repair in San Diego

San Diego Appliance Contractor Company’s expert appliance repair technicians can quickly and affordably fix your oven, no matter what is wrong with it. If we can’t fix it, it either can’t be fixed or the appliance will just be too costly to repair. We’ll let you know if it’s in your best interest to get the appliance repaired or to just purchase a new one.

The slideshow below shows our pictures from this customer’s Oven Door Latch Repair.