Oven Glass Repair

Oven glass repair is one of many specialty appliance repair services that we provide in San Diego. Honest quotes and affordable prices on all of our oven glass repair services is what you can expect from San Diego Appliance Contractor Company.

Dacor Oven Glass Repair

Dacor Oven Glass Repair

The following Dacor Oven needed the oven glass replaced on the inside of the oven door. Well talk a little bit about how we repaired it and how an oven door’s glass can break in the first place.

First we’ll start by removing the oven door from the oven itself. Next, we lay down a protective blanket on a nearby countertop and proceed to disassemble the oven door.

Once the oven door is disassembled and we have access to the glass, we can remove the glass and replace it with a brand new piece of oven door glass.

Oven Glass Repair and Thermal Shock

Oven door glass is usually made out of a Heat Barrier Glass, Ceramic Glass, or Pyroceram Glass. The oven door glass has to be able to withstand the very high temperatures inside of an oven without breaking. Oven temperatures can sometimes reach 900°F during an oven’s self-cleaning mode.

The glass is broken on this Dacor Oven's Door.

The glass in this Dacor Oven was broken from Thermal Shock.The most common way that oven glass breaks is by spilling cold water on it. If the oven is being used and the inside glass is very hot, spilling sometimes even just a single drop of cold water on it can cause the inside oven door glass to break. Glass really doesn’t like very extreme and very fast temperature changes. This effect is called Thermal Shock.

Thermal shock occurs when a thermal gradient causes different parts of an object to expand by different amounts.  (Source: Wikipedia)

After disassembly of the oven door we can remove the broken glass panel and replace with a new piece of oven glass.You may still be able to run your oven with broken oven door glass, but we strongly advise against it. You will run the risk of breaking the outer oven door glass also from thermal shock. This time not from spilled water, but from the temperature difference between the inside of the oven and the temperature in your kitchen.

It’s best that you have it oven glass repaired as soon as possible before running your oven again. We provide honest and affordable oven glass repair in San Diego. Any oven make, any oven model. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.