Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Repair

We repair all types of Samsung appliances including Refrigerators, Ovens, Dishwashers, and more. The following pictures are from a recent Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Repair in the city of San Diego. The Refrigerator Side of the appliance was not staying cool, while the Freezer Side of the unit was still nice and freezing cold.

To correct and repair the warm refrigerator we must diagnose the defrost system on the freezer side of the refrigerator. Air circulates around your refrigerator from one side to the other through the freezer-side and back out again to the refrigerator-side.

This process repeats and is why we can have a freezer-side, and a separate refrigerator side. The freezer side is responsible for keeping the refrigerator side cool. When the path that the air takes through the airways in the refrigerator is blocked, the refrigerator side will warm up while the freezer side stays nice and cool.

Freezer compartment with metal racks taken out. Panel to expose defrost system in back of fridge.

Defroster coil hidden from view on the inside of Samsung Refrigerator freezer compartment.

Once we have the hideaway panels removed we are able to fully diagnose the defrosting and/or cooling problem with the refrigerator. Most “Frost-free” refrigerators use the same defrost system technique to keep your refrigerator cold and free of frost build-up.

The defroster coil on the inside of the freezer compartment.

Part of the cooling and the defrost system on the freezer side of this Samsung refrigerator.

Defroster coil from inside of Samsung Refrigerator

The heating element of the defrosting system.

Faulty Heating Element found in Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Repair

In this Samsung refrigerator defrost repair it was a heating element that was at fault. After replacing the broken part, this refrigerator was as good as new again. SDACC is your best choice in San Diego for affordable and dependable appliance repair.

We repair all Samsung home appliances and most other major household appliances. Give us a call at 619-327-9501 for more information or to schedule an appointment.  Our service call fee is only $30 and is waived when you have your appliance repaired by us.

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