Samsung Washing Machine Water Valve Repair

The water valve of your Samsung washing machine allows water to rush into your washer. When the water valve stops working, so will your washing machine. Newer Samsung washing machines have electronic sensors that can detect parts that have failed. When they sense that a part has failed they will display an error message of some type.

Picture showing the water valve component inside of a Samsung Washing Machine with AquaJet technology.

Faulty water valve replaced on Samsung Washer with AquaJet and Smart Care technology.

This top-loading Samsung Washing Machine with AquaJet, VRT, and SmartCare technologies has a glass lid which allows you to see your laundry being washed from above. It is a beautifully advanced machine, but parts do occasionally fail on even the best equipment.

Samsung Smart Care is an extremely innovative set of technologies that allow you to quickly self-diagnose issues with your Samsung appliances via an app that runs on your smart phone. Take a look at this short video to learn how it works.

Samsung Washing Machine Repair

After a complete diagnosis, repair of this washing machine was as simple as replacing the non-working water valve with a brand new OEM part. Although to replace the water valve requires us to disassemble most of the machine. After installing the new part we then test for leaks and proper washer functionality. Finally we reassembly the washer and place it back in the correct location in your laundry room.

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Samsung Washer Water Valve