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Oven Glass Repair

Oven glass repair is one of many specialty appliance repair services that we provide in San Diego. Honest quotes and affordable prices on all of our oven glass repair services is what you can expect from San Diego Appliance Contractor Company.

Dacor Oven Glass Repair

Dacor Oven Glass Repair

The following Dacor Oven needed the oven glass replaced on the inside of the oven door. Well talk a little bit about how we repaired it and how an oven door’s glass can break in the first place.

First we’ll start by removing the oven door from the oven itself. Next, we lay down a protective blanket on a nearby countertop and proceed to disassemble the oven door.

Once the oven door is disassembled and we have access to the glass, we can remove the glass and replace it with a brand new piece of oven door glass. » Read more