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Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Repair

We repair all types of Samsung appliances including Refrigerators, Ovens, Dishwashers, and more. The following pictures are from a recent Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Repair in the city of San Diego. The Refrigerator Side of the appliance was not staying cool, while the Freezer Side of the unit was still nice and freezing cold. » Read more

Roper Refrigerator – Defrost System

The defrost system in your Roper Refrigerator plays a vital role in keeping your fridge cool. When a refrigerator defrost system fails, large amounts of ice build up inside of the freezer and sometimes even the refrigerator side also. Roper Refrigerators are no different and a defrost system repair will get your refrigerator back up and cooling great again.

This Roper Refrigerator’s Defrost System malfunctioned and the cool air stopped circulating throughout the fridge. The freezer side may have been nice and cool, but the rest of the fridge couldn’t receive any cool air flow from the freezer area. This circulation of air is exactly what keeps your refrigerator cool inside. » Read more

Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair

When your Frigidaire Refrigerator has problems, we’ll be there to help. The defroster on this Frigidaire Side-By-Side Refrigerator had failed and needed to be replaced. We provided affordable Frigidaire refrigerator repair at just the right time.

Frozen Over Frigidaire Refrigerator RepairIce-build up in your refrigerator can lead to more troubles for your fridge if action is not taken quickly. Make sure you have your refrigerator inspected by a professional refrigerator repair company.

We provide affordable appliance repair and Frigidaire refrigerator repair services in El Cajon, Santee, and many other areas of San Diego. Our service rates and appliance repair services are the best in the business. » Read more

Refrigerator Repair in Santee – Broken Ice Maker Replaced

Refrigerators do break down and when they do, we can help! This refrigerator in Santee had a big problem with its ice maker. The ice maker didn’t work at all. We were able to diagnose the issue and order the correct replacement part for this refrigerator repair. We repair all major brand name refrigerators. Refrigerator brands such as LG, GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, and many more.. » Read more