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Inglis Dryer Repair – Heating Issues

We provide the best clothes dryer repair service in San Diego. Our prices are fair and our service is excellent. We work on all brand name clothes dryers. No matter what brand name your clothes dryer is we can repair it. Inglis Appliances is the manufacturer of our latest dryer repair. It’s thermostat and thermal fuse were old and had failed.

Inglis Dryer Repair of ThermofuseA Dryer’s thermal fuse keeps your home safe from your dryer overheating and starting a fire. The dryer’s thermostat helps to regulate the dryer at the set drying temperature. Both of these parts are very important in keeping your home safe and your dryer drying clothes properly. » Read more

Magic Chef Oven Thermostat Repair

Your Magic Chef Oven Thermostat controls the temperature of your oven. When you set the knob on your oven for let’s say 350 degrees, the thermostat is the component that’s responsible for raising the temperature in your oven to the temperature you select. A Magic Chef Oven Thermostat is similar to other oven thermostats in that they regulate the desired oven temperature.

We repaired this Magic Chef Oven by first removing the front panel. Then once we have access to the oven’s thermostat and temperature probe, we can remove them, and replace them. The whole process usually takes less than an hour. » Read more

Microwave Repair – Thermal Fuse Repair

Sometimes buying a new microwave is not always the most inexpensive option. This above-range microwave needed a new thermostat fuse. It’s a inexpensive part so it’s was a better option to repair this microwave than it was to buy a new one.

No microwave repair if it catches on fire. This microwave overheated and caught on fire. (Picture courtesy of DeGrow.com)

This microwave overheated and caught on fire. (Picture courtesy of DeGrow.com)

A thermal fuse can trip when the microwave overheats. This can happen from cooking food for an extended period of time.

A thermostat fuse is designed to protect your microwave from overheating. If your thermal fuse has been activated by your microwave overheating, your microwave will stop working. » Read more