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Our latest appliance repair video features photos from a few of our recent Whirlpool Dryer, Whirlpool Washer, Whirlpool Microwave, and Whirlpool Refrigerator repairs. These Whirlpool repairs were in La Mesa, El Cajon, Santee, and San Diego. We repair all Whirlpool appliances and we also repair many other appliance brands.

Featured first in the video is an Ice Maker repair. Refrigerators with ice makers have a water line attachment. The water line feeds the ice maker with water and the ice maker makes ice. Ice makers are a great convenience around the house. We repair ice makers in the door, ice makers inside the freezer compartment, and stand alone ice making machines.

Second up in the video is a Microwave repair. Microwave ovens utilize very high voltage microwaves to heat food and drinks. They are probably the number one most used appliance in the kitchen next to the refrigerator. We are one of the few companies in San Diego that do work on microwave ovens.

Next is a Washing Machine repair where we replaced the motor coupling and the balance spring. These two components are vital for a smooth operating spin-cycle. We have to almost completely disassemble the washer to get to the parts that need to be replaced.

Lastly we have a Dryer repair due to a broken timer switch. The dryer timer powers the dryer’s heat system. The dryer timer also powers the dryer’s transmission/motor. If the timer is malfunctioning the dryer might not start at all. There’s also the possibility that the dryer might not turn off when it should.

This could not only severely shrink your favorite shirts, but it could also trip the thermal fuse in the dryer. The thermal fuse is a safety fuse that when it is triggered, it disables the dryer completely. The fuse must be replaced before the dryer will operate again.

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