Garbage Disposal Repair

Affordable repair of you broken or malfunctioning Garbage Disposal. A disposal repair will be needed when the disposal stops spinning and becomes stuck. There are also few other issues that can happen with garbage disposals. Overall, garbage disposal repair can be tricky but we have the right tools to get the job done at a great price.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems:
  • Disposal jamming up.
  • Disposal stuck and humming.
  • Garbage disposal leaking.
  • Poor grinding disposal.
  • Disposal not working at all.
San Diego Garbage Disposal Repair Services

If your garbage disposal is humming or leaking you might not need to have it replaced. Our expert garbage disposal service technicians are here to help repair your garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals take a lot of abuse over the years. While they might have a small issue that needs attention, many will work like new again after a minor repair.

Garbage Disposal Pro Tips
  • If you hear broken glass or other debris clanking around when you turn your disposal on use a shop vacuum to suck out the loose particles.
  • Using freshly cut lemon slices or vinegar with baking soda are great ways to eliminate foul odors. 

Give us a call today at (619) 327-9501 to schedule an appointment with one expert garbage disposal repair technicians. You can also setup an appointment online.