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Kenmore Washer Repair – Main Control PCB

Faulty controller unit in Kenmore Washer Repair

Affordable Kenmore Washer Repair done right the first time! This Kenmore Front Load Washer wouldn’t turn on at all and needed a replacement main controller board to fix the problem.

The main control board is the “brain” of the washing machine. The buttons on the front of the washer, and all of the sensors inside the machine connect to this “brain” box. If the main control board doesn’t work correctly, it must be replaced with an OEM part.

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The boards themselves are non-serviceable as they have usually been coated in a thick layer of hot glue. The hot glue coating helps the PCB’s components resist damage due to machine vibrations. » Read more

Kenmore Washing Machine Repair

This Kenmore Washing Machine Repair in Santee called for a replacement transmission. The washer wasn’t spinning at its full speed during the spin cycle. All of the clothes would still be wet when the washer was finished washing.

To repair this Kenmore washing machine and get to the washer’s transmission, requires us to nearly fully disassemble the washing machine. » Read more