Samsung Dryer Heating Element Repair

We repair all Samsung appliances including washers and clothes dryers. The clothes dryer repair in Chula Vista had a failed heating element. A dryer’s heating element is a coil that heats up when large amounts of electricity are passed through it. If the coil gets too hot it can burn out.

This appliance repair begins by disconnecting and removing the top and front of the dryer. We now have access to the inside of the machine.

Removed the front and top of the Samsung Clothes Dryer Heating Element Repair in Chula Vista

Electronics, Top, and Front Cover Removed from Samsung Dryer in Chula Vista

We then disconnect and remove the rotating drum from the inside of the machine. Once the dryer drum is removed we have access to remove the heating element from the very bottom of the dryer.

Removed the inside drum of the dryer to get to the heating element.

Rotating drum removed to access heating element at bottom of dryer.

In the next photo you can see the 5,400 watt faulty heating element connected to the machine. This must be removed and replaced with a working heating element.

The faulty heating element at the bottom of the Samsung Clothes Dryer.

Faulty Heating Element in Samsung Clothes Dryer

The heating element was removed from the machine and replaced with a new working heating element. The clothes dryer was then reassembled and tested for proper heat output. For more details on how and why a clothes dryer’s heating element can burn out take a look at SFGate’s article on “What Makes Heating Elements Go Out On Dryers?“.

Repairs such as this should only be performed with the electricity and gas shut off and/or disconnected from the machine. Leaving this repair task to the professionals is the best way insure a complete and safe appliance repair.

Here’s another photo of the heating element once we had removed it from the machine. The heating element had failed the Continuity Test. (Electricity cannot pass through it.) If electricity cannot pass through its coils, no heat can be generated by it.

The faulty Heating Element from inside of the Samsung dryer.

The faulty Heating Element after being removed from machine.

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