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Pressure Switch Repair Whirlpool Washer

Pressure Switch with Whirlpool Washing Machine in the background.

A washing machine’s Pressure Switch detects when the washer’s water level reaches the correct setting. It does so by measuring the air pressure inside of a small tube connected to it.

When a washing machine fills up with water, it needs a way to know when it’s full. A “Pressure Switch” in a washing machine does this by measuring the air pressure inside of a small tube that is connected to it. When the pressure switch breaks, the washing machine can potentially overfill and flood your laundry room.
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Samsung Washing Machine Water Valve Repair

The water valve of your Samsung washing machine allows water to rush into your washer. When the water valve stops working, so will your washing machine. Newer Samsung washing machines have electronic sensors that can detect parts that have failed. When they sense that a part has failed they will display an error message of some type. » Read more

Maytag Washer Water Valve Repair

The washer's water valve.

This is the story of a Maytag washer water valve repair somewhere in San Diego. This washer could not properly fill itself with water. The water valve in the washing machine is responsible for allowing enough water to be able to come into the washer and fill it with water.

If the water valve in your washer gets clogged up or the valve stops working for any reason, then water cannot flow into your washer and your clothes cannot get washed. The water valve is a very important part of any washing machine. » Read more