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Energy Star’s 2015 Top 10 List of Energy Efficient Refrigerators

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EnergyStar.gov is hard at work again this year with a new list of what they say is the Leading Edge in Energy Efficient Refrigerators of 2015. We receive Appliance Related News through a few simple “saved searches” on Google Alerts. This service sends us an email any time something new shows up in the world of appliances. This Energy Star report was in our email this morning, so we though we’d share their results. » Read more

LG Refrigerator Main Control Board PCB

LG Refrigerator Repair in San Diego

LG Refrigerator Repair in San Diego

The Printed Circuit Board or PCB in a modern refrigerator is responsible for controlling the refrigerator’s temperature and defrost cycles. It is a very important piece of electronics that keeps your refrigerator running correctly and your food chilled at the right temperature.

Detecting a PCB failure can be difficult because it may seem that some or all other parts inside the refrigerator are not working at all or just some of the time. Carefully checking voltage and amperage levels at key testing locations allows us to single out the exact part that is causing trouble. » Read more

Magnetic Refrigerator: GE’s Future Tech

Your next refrigerator could be using magnetic forces to cool your perishables instead of a compressor and harsh ozone depleting chemicals. GE Labs is working on a magnetic refrigerator that would use a series of magnets to cool a water based fluid and in turn, your food and drinks. You can possibly expect to see this new technology in about 10 years.

The new magnetic refrigerator technology, GE says, could be about 20% more efficient than the compression based refrigeration technologies of today. Recyclers of Appliances and Environmental Agencies alike should be thrilled to know that the new technology will be safer for the environment as it uses no ozone depleting chemicals in its design. » Read more