Samsung Dryer Heating Element Repair

We repair all Samsung appliances including washers and clothes dryers. The clothes dryer repair in Chula Vista had a failed heating element. A dryer’s heating element is a coil that heats up when large amounts of electricity are passed through it. If the coil gets too hot it can burn out.

This appliance repair begins by disconnecting and removing the top and front of the dryer. We now have access to the inside of the machine.

Removed the front and top of the Samsung Clothes Dryer Heating Element Repair in Chula Vista

Electronics, Top, and Front Cover Removed from Samsung Dryer in Chula Vista

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Bosch Dishwasher Switch Repair

When the Push to Start, or Start Switch stops working on your Bosch Dishwasher, give us a call. We have the correct tools and the required experience to safely disassemble and repair your dishwasher. We provide affordable dishwasher switch repair through San Diego. Please check our service areas page to see if we service your area.

The following pictures are from a recent Bosch dishwasher switch repair in San Diego. The start switch had stopped working and needed to be replaced. » Read more

Washer Gasket Repair (Samsung Front-Load)

The following is a set of pictures from a recent Samsung Front-Loading Washing Machine Repair. The rubber gasket/boot that seals the front door of the washer needed to be replaced. We ordered the correct part and completed this Washer Gasket Repair in no time at all.

Samsung Washing Machine with Bad Door Gasket

A Samsung Washer with a Front Door Gasket that needed replacing.

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LG Clothes Dryer Motor Repair in San Diego

Clothes dryers and the electric motors inside of them have a tough job. They turn and flip your wet clothes until they are completely dry. When dust builds builds up on the dryer’s electric motor it makes their job a lot tougher. The following LG Clothes Dryers Motor Repair shows how a build up of dust on a motor can cause your dryer to stop working. We repaired this LG Clothes Dryer by replacing its non-functioning electric motor that was covered in dust.

LG Clothes Dryer Motor Repair because the dryer would display an error code saying that its motor would not spin the dryer's drum.

Clothes dryer would display an error code because its motor would not spin the dryer’s drum.

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Happy New Year San Diego

We would just like to say Happy New Year to everybody in San Diego. This is just a reminder announcement that we have the one of lowest service rates for appliance repair in all of San Diego. For just $30 we can diagnose your appliance and let you know just what you’re looking at for a complete repair. When you choose to have your appliance repaired by us you will only pay for parts and labor. We provide a 90 day warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty on labor.

We service a 25 mile radius from the La Mesa and El Cajon area. Your service appliances down to Chula Vista and all the way up to Poway. If you’re in Mission Valley or Miramar we repair appliances out there too. To find out if you are within our service use our service area checking tool to look at your address or ZIP code. » Read more

Samsung Gas Dryer Coil Repair in San Diego

The coils on your gas heated dryer are needed to open and close the internal gas valves electronically. When the gas coils fail, your dryer will usually not get hot enough to dry your clothes. A Samsung Gas Dryer Coil Repair is not much different repair-wise than repairing coils any other dryer. The dryer needs to be nearly fully disassembled to get access to the coils.

Coils to be replaced on Samsung Dryer Gas Coil Repair

If your clothes dryer never gets hots, the dryer’s Gas Coils could be to blame.

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LG Dryer Motor Repair & Replacement

The motor inside of your clothes dryer has one of the toughest jobs there is in the appliance world. Its job is to turn the belt that connected to the drum that is tumbling all of your heavy wet clothes until they are dry. The dryer motor is one of the first things that can go out on your clothes dryer.  When the dryer’s motor stops turning, it’s time to have your dryer looked at by a professional LG dryer motor repair technician.

LG Dryer Disassembled

LG Dryer Disassembled

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Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Repair

We repair all types of Samsung appliances including Refrigerators, Ovens, Dishwashers, and more. The following pictures are from a recent Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Repair in the city of San Diego. The Refrigerator Side of the appliance was not staying cool, while the Freezer Side of the unit was still nice and freezing cold. » Read more

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