Washer Gasket Repair (Samsung Front-Load)

The following is a set of pictures from a recent Samsung Front-Loading Washing Machine Repair. The rubber gasket/boot that seals the front door of the washer needed to be replaced. We ordered the correct part and completed this Washer Gasket Repair in no time at all.

Samsung Washing Machine with Bad Door Gasket

A Samsung Washer with a Front Door Gasket that needed replacing.

Like many other washing machine repairs the majority of the washing machines need to be almost completely disassembled to be able to replace the part that needs repairing. We begin this Washer Gasket Repair we start by removing the top cover and a few other plastic parts from the washer.

Samsung Washer Door Gasket Repair and Disassembly

We’re just beginning to disassemble the washer.

Removing top cover panel from Samsung Washer

Top cover removed from washer to access the inside of the washing machine.

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Front control panel removed from the front of washing machine.

The front control panel is removed from the front of the washing machine.

Front cover panel removed to access the inside of the Samsung Washer Gasket Repair.

The front cover panel is removed so that we can access the inside of the washing machine.

Sensors must be disconnected and removed from washer.

Any sensors must also be disconnected and placed out of the way.

Door gasket removed from Samsung Washing Machine Gasket Repair.

In this picture the old door gasket is completely removed from the washer. It’s time to install the new replacement washer door gasket.

New door gasket installed on Samsung Washer.

Here is the new door gasket installed with all of the sensors and plumbing re-connected.

Old Samsung Washer Door Gasket / Boot

The old door gasket from this Samsung washer looks like it has seen better days. This completes out Samsung Washer Gasket Repair.

Affordable Washer Gasket Repair

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