Inglis Dryer Repair – Heating Issues

We provide the best clothes dryer repair service in San Diego. Our prices are fair and our service is excellent. We work on all brand name clothes dryers. No matter what brand name your clothes dryer is we can repair it. Inglis Appliances is the manufacturer of our latest dryer repair. It’s thermostat and thermal fuse were old and had failed.

Inglis Dryer Repair of ThermofuseA Dryer’s thermal fuse keeps your home safe from your dryer overheating and starting a fire. The dryer’s thermostat helps to regulate the dryer at the set drying temperature. Both of these parts are very important in keeping your home safe and your dryer drying clothes properly.

When either of these components fail, your dryer will not work correctly. That’s why clothes dryer repair is so important. A thermal fuse that has tripped could mean that there is a large amount of lint build up inside of the dryer vent line. Large amounts of lint and a high amount of heat can lead to a dryer vent line fire.

Affordable Inglis Dryer Repair in San Diego

Inglis Dryer Repair of ThermostatOur factory trained, and highly qualified Inglis Dryer Repair technicians are available anywhere in San Diego including but not limited to Santee, El Cajon, La Mesa, San Carlos, TierraSanta, Chula Vista, and many other areas East San Diego County and Southern San Diego County. We can give you the best deal in town for your dryer repair or other appliance repair services.

This older Inglis Dryer is a lot less complicated to work on than newer appliances. There is a lot less labor involved in disassembling this dryer and getting to the problem parts. Compared to this Inglis Dryer Repair, newer dryers can take hours to complete a repair. By keeping your older dryer around, you’re saving yourself a lot of money on future repairs. Older appliance a much more less expensive to repair than newer appliances.

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Inglis Dryer Thermofuse and Thermostat Repair Thermofuse and Thermostat Replacement and Repair of this Inglis Dryer.