KitchenAid Ice Maker Repair

KitchenAid Ice Maker Repair
Newer refrigerators take advantage of advanced electronic sensor technologies give us super user friendly home appliances. Whirlpool KitchenAid’s AquaSense Ice Maker uses wireless technology to communicate with the rest of the refrigerator. KitchenAid Ice Maker Repair is just one of the many specialty repair services that we offer.

We can get the right part for you at the right price for any KitchenAid Ice Maker Repair!

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KitchenAid Ice Maker Repair Services

Brand new replacement parts installed for a KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker. One part is the KitchenAid Ice Maker Receiver and the other half is the Ice Maker Emitter. Together they communicate different functions of the KitchenAid Ice Maker.

KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker EmitterThe KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker Emitter sends out the wireless signal to the ice maker.

Back of KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker Receiver

This is the back side of the Ice Maker’s PCB controller board.

KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker ReceiverThe AquaSense Ice Maker Receiver

Back of KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker Emitter
The back side of the Ice Maker Receiver. KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker Emitter KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker Receiver

The KitchenAid AquaSense Ice Maker Receiver and Emitter are installed, tested, and work great. The customer is thrilled that their refrigerator’s ice maker works correctly again.

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We also repair refrigerator defrost control systems and all other refrigerator problems.

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