Maytag Washer Water Valve Repair

The washer's water valve.

This is the story of a Maytag washer water valve repair somewhere in San Diego. This washer could not properly fill itself with water. The water valve in the washing machine is responsible for allowing enough water to be able to come into the washer and fill it with water.

If the water valve in your washer gets clogged up or the valve stops working for any reason, then water cannot flow into your washer and your clothes cannot get washed. The water valve is a very important part of any washing machine.

We provide affordable Maytag washing machine repair in San Diego and its many suburbs. Many other parts of a washing machine can fail other than the Water valve. Washer transmission slipping and lid switch sticking are other common examples of washer failures.

No matter what the problem is with your washing machine we will be sure to be able to provide a quick and affordable fix. Give San Diego Appliance Contractor Company a call at 619-327-9501. We can help!

For more information or to set an appointment call our appliance repair hotline above. View pictures of our Maytag washer water valve repair below.