Pressure Switch Repair Whirlpool Washer

Pressure Switch with Whirlpool Washing Machine in the background.

A washing machine’s Pressure Switch detects when the washer’s water level reaches the correct setting. It does so by measuring the air pressure inside of a small tube connected to it.

When a washing machine fills up with water, it needs a way to know when it’s full. A “Pressure Switch” in a washing machine does this by measuring the air pressure inside of a small tube that is connected to it. When the pressure switch breaks, the washing machine can potentially overfill and flood your laundry room.

The pressure switch is not always at fault though. Sometimes leaks in the air-tubing system will also cause malfunctions and errors.

Careful troubleshooting and testing is required to find the source of the problem. Once the problem part has been identified, a new part can be ordered and installed.

Failed Pressure Switch Causes Household Flood

If your washer doesn’t reach the correct water level when filling, your pressure switch could be to blame. If an overfilling washer is not caught in time, you could have a flood of your laundry room.

Other parts of a washing machine such as the “Water Valve” will cause other problems with the washer. When a water valve stops working, a washer will fill very slowly, or not fill with water at all.

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