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Maytag Oven Repair in La Mesa

It doesn’t matter if you oven is old or new, we can get your oven up and working again. This Maytag Oven in La Mesa had a broken gas ignitor. We replaced its failed gas ignitor with a new replacement part and ran a quick test of the oven to see if the replacement gas ignitor did its job. It worked great, and that’s Maytag Oven Repair done right!

Inside of Maytag Oven Repair with Door Removed

The oven’s ignitor is so hot that when natural gas from the oven’s burner passes over the red-hot part of the ignitor, the gas is ignited by it.

Gas oven “glow” ignitors can fail for a number of reasons. They are called “glow” ignitors because they glow when they become super-hot from the electricity that is passed through them when activated. » Read more