Whirlpool Washer Motor Control Repair

Whirlpool front load washing machine with a bad motor control board. The motor control board is responsible for running the motor in accordance with the wash cycle settings. If this piece of electronics doesn’t work then the motor will not spin and your clothes will not dry.

This is a front load washing machine with many cycles and selections to choose from on the front control panel. The front control panel is not the only piece of electronics in this washing machine. To get to the motor control board the front of the washing machine must be completely removed so that we have access to the controller.  We can then determine a part number and a part can be ordered.

Our service fee is only $49 and is contributed towards the cost of your repairs. Most repairs average between $100 and $150. All appliances and all appliance problems are different though. So give us a call to get any better idea of what you might be looking at.

We provide honest and affordable appliance repair in San Diego for Whirlpool washing machines and many other types of appliances. We can work on all washing machines by all manufacturers. We work on front-load, top-load, and also commercial washing machines.


For residential repairs our service fee is only $49. All commercial appliances have a service fee of $75. Labor is guaranteed for 1 year and most parts carry a 90 day warranty. Certain parts such as refrigerator drawers can not be warrantied because of the wear and tear associated with their use. To see offer appliance repair service in your area, check out our San Diego Service Areas page.